Various interesting papers and documents.

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grsecurity and PaX
Assessing unikernel security - NCC.pdf 1.48Mo
Assume Breach: An Inside Look at Cloud Service Provider Security -Mark Russinovich - RSAC 2015.pdf 5.68Mo
Exploit Adobe Flash Under the Latest Mitigation - Yuki Chen (@guhe120) - Qihoo 360Vulcan Team.pdf 1.18Mo
The Evolution of Microsoft’s Exploit Mitigations - CSW09 - Burrell Miller.pdf 1.49Mo
The Life & Death of Kernel Object Abuse by Type Isolation - Saif ElSherei (0x5A1F) & Ian Kronquist - OPCDE 2018.pdf 2.02Mo
inside-emet-4-0-recon20131.pdf 5.12Mo
us-16-Weston-Windows-10-Mitigation-Improvements.pdf 3.69Mo